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Energy distribution – High/medium voltage

Ensuring the population’s energy supply

Know-how – competence – years of experience

Modern energy supply systems play an important key role, since a secure supply for the population depends on the smooth operation of all system components. There are a wide range of assignments, and the solutions are not always easy. Know-how, competence and years of experience make us a reliable partner for electricity companies and industrial system operators.

Everything from an expert source:

Decades of experience, competence and innovation – these criteria make us a reliable partner for electricity companies, ropeway companies and industrial plant operators.

We offer comprehensive concepts for medium and high-voltage technology such as switchboards, transformers, station control technology, cable installation and engineering for designing turnkey ready-systems between 6 kV and 110 kV.

Proven technology made in Austria:

The “Schubert Medium Voltage” from the 12 kV and 24 kV series is the only air-insulated, type and internal arc-tested medium-voltage switchboard in a single and double busbar version that is fully made in Austria.

This partially or fully-compartmentalized system can be used in a variety of ways, guarantees reliable operation and is suitable for all applications in power distribution. Possible applications range from industrial operations to hydroelectric power plants to transformer stations.

A high level of operational safety, robustness, flexibility and cost effectiveness are our prominent trademarks. Our “Schubert Medium Voltage” is type-approved in accordance with international IEC standards and ensures the highest level of personal and system protection due to internal arc testing up to 40 kA/1s in accordance with IEC 62271-200. In addition, it is certified in accordance with the DIN EN 9001 quality assurance system and does not use any climate-harming SF6 gas.

An additional plus for the system is its high level of user friendliness as well, which is reflected in the print on the mimic diagram for better orientation in addition to the logical design of the switch elements.

The systems can be designed with circuit breakers from ABB, EATON, Siemens and Tavrida with a withdrawable unit design. Only established vendors are used for the main components such as current and voltage transformers, grounding switches, cast resin insulators, surge arresters etc.

Naturally, we also provide a full range of conventional, compact switchboards from the 10 – 40.5 kV series, gas and air-insulated. We prefer air-insulated compact switchboards up to the 24 kV series, type: XIRIA, brand: EATON, with whom we have decades of experience in installation and operation and can therefore offer customers comprehensive service.

Control technology by professionals:

Even energy supply systems nowadays can no longer do without automated controls and visualization. This is why Schubert Elektroanlagen equips high-voltage and medium-voltage switchboards with the necessary equipment for energy optimization, remote control, emergency power management and the like, depending on customer wishes.

Our in-house portfolio comprises the entire range, from PLC controls, visualization systems to switchboard control systems including all software services along with follow-up support.

To ensure that the lights don’t go out:

Energy supply systems function year in year out without issues and therefore often unsupervised for years and partially forgotten as well. However, when they fail to perform their service, the consequences are dramatic.

Because of this, there is insurance for regular maintenance and inspection of transformers and switchboards. However, this should be provided to all systems. Schubert Elektroanlagen has the experienced personnel and equipment to carry out such inspections and maintenance.

We provide regular maintenance to medium-voltage systems in industry, hospitals, wind turbines, hydroelectric power plants and office buildings year-round.

We provide high-voltage testers for cable testing, high current sources to test the protection systems, infrared cameras to check all possible connections in control cabinets and transformers and all required measurement devices for the initial testing and repeat testing of low-voltage systems and installations.

Taking oil samples of power transformers and analyzing them without interrupting operations is also part of regular maintenance for medium-voltage systems. Only ongoing, repeat inspections can ensure long-term system availability.


Bockfließ voltage transformer substation
Construction period:
Expansion stage 1: January 2006 to December 2006, Expansion stage 2: September 2008 to May 2009
Scope of assignment:

110 kV: 2 cable branches, 2 transformer branches, 1 coupling, complete secondary equipment, control technology and 16 panels of 24 kV double-busbar panel systems

Renovation of 20 kV main switching station and substations
Constantia Teich GmbH Weinburg
Construction period:
June 2009 to January 2012
Scope of assignment:

Planning, delivering and installing 20 kV switchboard systems, transformers and low-voltage main distribution boards

Energy supply for the Mariazell railway
Construction period:
July 2013 to December 2014
Scope of assignment:

Planning, manufacturing, delivering and installing the 30/7 kV, 25 Hz energy supply

  • Klangen converter station (20 kV 50 Hz / 30/7 kV 25 Hz)
  • Rabenstein converter station (30/7 kV 25 Hz)
  • Laubenbachmu?hle converter station (30/7 kV 25 Hz)
  • Gösing converter station (30/7 kV 25 Hz)
Red Tomatoes greenhouse in Margarethen am Moos
Construction period:
June 2015 to September 2015
Scope of assignment:

Feeder line belonging to the Enzersdorf/Fischa voltage transformer station, 20 kV energy supply with:

  • 4 transformer stations
  • Transformers (2x 3150 kVA, 2x 2500 kVA)
  • 20 kV switchboards
  • Low-voltage distribution boards
Schönkirchen voltage transformer substation
Construction period:
May 2010 to April 2011
Scope of assignment:

110 kV: 2 cable branches, 3 transformer branches, 2 couplings, complete secondary technology with auxiliary switchboard.

Wasenbruck voltage transformer substation
Construction period:
January 2015 until present time
Scope of assignment:

Renovation of 110 kV system, integrating remote control system, new construction of AC/DC auxiliary switchboard and construction of 2 new 110/20 kV transformer branches