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Energy distribution – Low-voltage

Production according to ISO 9001 & EN 61439

Conventional and type-approved switchboards up to 6000 amperes

Schubert Elektroanlagen is a certified Prisma system partner of Schneider Electric and a certified Lögstrup partner. Schubert manufactures, delivers and installs roughly 300 switch panels annually for power distribution systems with a busbar nominal current of up to 6000 A.

The low-voltage distributor board department offers our customers type-approved low-voltage switchboards compliant with ÖVE/ÖNORM [Austrian Federation for Electrical Engineering/Austrian Norm] EN 61439-1, -2 for the electrical energy supply.

Schubert Elektoanlagen is a certified Prisma system partner of Schneider Electric for the Prisma Plus P system. Systems with a busbar nominal current of up to 6000 A and short-circuit resistance of up to 100 kA can be designed.

This system is one of the most commonly-used switchboard systems worldwide. Greater security, cost effectiveness and availability are the most important criteria. This modular concept allows for the combination of power distribution systems (PCC), motor outputs with plug-in technology via switchfuse strips (optional with plug-in technology) up to fixed mounting sections.

The addition of a likewise type-approved busbar connector and ISO-50001-compliant “Power Monitoring Expert” power monitoring system creates a consistent and powerful solution for your power supply project.

Schubert’s engineers will handle planning, dimensioning, assembly, wiring and commissioning on site. Perfection and a comprehensive service make up a significant part of our work here as well.

Fully-withdrawable switchboards for sophisticated applications pursuant to IEC 61439-1, -2:

Whenever there are exceptionally-high requirements for a power distribution system, for instance, in a power plant or in industry with regard to availability, reliability and flexibility, a system with fully-withdrawable technology (MCC and/or PCC) is the right solution.

Schubert uses the proven Lögstrup Omega System for this purpose. Lögstrup is a Danish quality manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in this field. We can produce systems up to 8500 A and with a rated short-circuit resistance of up to 130 kA.

It can be used anywhere where high availability is required (e.g. chemistry, pharmacy, marine, offshore, petrochemistry, power plants, paper factories, the automotive industry, mining ...).

The main advantages are:

  • Minimal downtime (due to easy replaceability of the affected output)
  • Easy to reconfigure, even during operation (slide-in modules can be pulled and/or inserted when live)
  • Easy-to-expand system (individual outlets and/or additional panels)
  • Manufacturer-compatible (ABB, Siemens, Schneider ...)
  • Fixed mounting, plug-in technology, fully-withdrawable technology possible
  • Customized busbar arrangement possible
  • Access possible from front and back (e.g. for cable-connection compartment)

Schubert power management system pursuant to ISO-50001:

Since 2015, energy efficiency must be demonstrably documented as part of the energy-efficiency law.

The consistent Schubert Power Management System is a powerful tool that allows you to create freely-configurable, automatic reports along with trend analyses with historical data and much more.

It’s also possible to integrate additional threshold values and non-electrical data (gas, water heat). Only a browser is required to display the data. Data is collected by a server and made available via a client-server architecture. The server can be both virtual and physical.

Even a combination of a power management system with an existing control system can be easily implemented via an ODBC connection. This system can be upgraded in existing systems and is an unbeatable team when coupled with a Schubert low-voltage system. Our trained employees are more than happy to advise you – simply get in touch with us!

A big emphasis on customer service:

Long-term service and maintenance contracts help you ensure the availability of your systems and protect you from unexpected power outages.

Our range of services include, among other things, recurring safety-related checks (ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 50110-1 and ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001-6-61 to 63) and ongoing maintenance up to analyzing the system using thermal imaging cameras. A complete service team is available in case of an outage in order to quickly identify and solve problems.

In many cases, disruptions can already be removed using remote maintenance.


EVN Wärme GmbH Maria Enzersdorf
Construction period:
2013 to 2014
Scope of assignment:

Providing refrigerating units and ensuring emergency power supply for the EVN’s office building. A low-voltage main distribution board, cable distribution systems (47 panels in total) with a busbar current of 2800 A were provided. For the ultimate flexibility and availability time, circuit breakers with a withdrawable unit design and low-voltage high-output switch disconnector fuse units with plug-in technology were implemented. The circuit breakers and measuring instruments are fully equipped with bus technology for a power monitoring system.

Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital Vienna
Construction period:
2011 to 2014
Scope of assignment:

136 distribution panels of Schneider Electric Prisma Plus P system, “Canalis” busbar system for feeder panels and the medium-voltage system (transformers and switch panels). Design with a 4000 A busbar nominal current and 100 kA short-circuit resistance. Circuit breakers with a withdrawable unit design and DECO plug-in technology for the highest level of availability and flexibility. Safely upgrade and replace output circuit breakers without cutting power by using plug-in technology. The circuit breakers and measuring instruments are equipped with bus technology.

ÖBB “LX2” data center, Laxenburgerstraße Vienna
Construction period:
May 2009 to August 2009
Scope of assignment:

Planning, manufacturing, delivering and installing a total of 62 main distribution cabinets. 6300 A rated current and 100 kA short-circuit resistance.

T-Mobile Center Vienna
Construction period:
2002-2003 and a 100% expansion in 2007
Scope of assignment:

145 distribution panels for the 400 V – main power distribution board and feeding 14 transformers and 4 emergency power systems, implemented as a Schneider Electric Prisma Plus P with 3200 A of busbar nominal current and an 85 kA short-circuit resistance. A total of more than 100 circuit breaker units, of which 80% have a withdrawable unit design for the highest level of availability and flexibility. The circuit breakers are equipped with bus technology. 6 units of PLC control units (a total of ca. 2400 inputs and outputs) with a redundant bus system, control system with a total of ca. 25000 data points.

Verbund Hydro Power GmbH Danube power plant in Greifenstein
Construction period:
2011 to 2017
Scope of assignment:

Planning, manufacturing and delivering 90 units of main distribution systems with a type-tested withdrawable unit design and fixed-mounting technology