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Energy distribution – switchboard construction

Quality without compromise

Schubert switchboard construction – state of the art

From control cabinets to medium-voltage systems to type-approved low-voltage distribution systems, Schubert delivers high-quality switch cabinets. Switchboard construction is one of the Schubert company’s core competencies. If you were to line up the annual of production systems next to each other, it would produce a whopping total length of 2 kilometers.t

Cumulative know-how in building:

  • Control cabinets
  • Type-approved low-voltage distribution systems up to 6300 A
  • MCC systems up to 6300 A
  • Medium-voltage systems up to 40.5 kV
  • Complete systems, from planning to commissioning
  • All kinds of personalized solutions
  • Construction according to provided plans

Switch cabinets made by experts:

During the design process, ultra-modern CAD systems are used to plan detailed, three-dimensional design drawings of all relevant parts – from the copper rail to the individual cables – in a detailed manner.

After being approved, these design drawings are sent directly to the mechanical processing center (4-axle CNC machines), which ensures bores and/or cutouts that are accurate down to a tenth of a millimeter.

The wires calculated during set-up planning (0.5-6mm²) are sent to the wiring center after being bundled in a useful manner. At the wiring center, the wires are cut to the right length, labeled (required according to EN 60204 machine guidelines) and equipped with wire-end ferrules depending on requirements. The required copper rails are handed over to the copper processing center, where all the holes and notches are punched into the parts in a fully-automated manner. For curved rails, the bending machine guarantees an exact angle using a measuring prism.

As a manufacturer-independent company, Schubert Elektroanlagen personally integrates optimum products and technologies according to the customer’s requirements and wishes.

Subsequently, each system in the test field is subject to thorough testing (EN 61439, EN8001, EN 60204), complete documentation is created and top quality is therefore guaranteed.


Control cabinets:

Beispiel Außenansicht Steuerschrank
Beispiel Innenansicht Steuerschrank
Beispiel Innenansicht Steuerschrank
Beispiel Detail-Außenansicht Steuerschrank

Medium-voltage systems: